Eri Funazaki

Eri currently works at Shepherds Bookbinders where she is specially involved in fine and design binding, she is also a self-employed bookbinder/bookartist working on her own commissions.

She was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2007 and her work is held in public and private collections including British Library.

She has won various bookbinding prizes including the winner of the Designer Bookbinders Competition in 2003.

Since 2000 she has collaborated with Danny Flynn on book works. They employ various printing and traditional fine bookbinding methods on their books including letterpress, silk screen printing, leather covering and hand tooling. Their aim to break down the boundaries between book arts and fine binding raised eyebrows of several book traditionalists, however, they managed to win several prizes from bookbinding related competition including 1st, 2nd and IBAT Prizes from the Society of Bookbinders Competition. They have exhibited extensively with Designer Bookbinders and also had a solo exhibition at Ketchum Pleon in 2010. Their book works are private collections in UK, USA and Germany. Their recent work Theatre Dog was exhibited in Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts in 2014.

IMG_0192 edited

28 CharactorsTheatre dog 3


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